Mackelle Hendrix

Office Manager


    Mackelle is the Office Manager at Allen and Jewell. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Utah State

University in Communication Studies and Marketing in 2017. Following graduation, Mackelle worked as

a Judicial Assistant to Judge Thomas L. Willmore at the First Judicial District Court. She is incredibly

grateful for the time she spent with the Courts and enjoyed learning from such great leaders. During her

time working for the Courts, Mackelle was able to diversify her skill set and learned not only about the

law and court procedures but also about the justice system. Her perspective has broadened, and her

experiences at the court have inspired her to look deeper at situations and be more individual-focused.

This past October Mackelle made a shift and chose to embark on a new journey with Retired District

Court Judge Kevin K. Allen at Allen and Jewell. This new position has allowed her to be a part of

something that helps people evolve into better, happier, and wiser individuals.


    Mackelle is a lover of rock climbing, hiking, watersports, sushi, and ice cream. She lives for

adventuring with her husband and spending time with her friends and family. Mackelle has always

had a passion for helping others find what makes them happy and pushing them to achieve their

goals. Becoming part of the team at Allen and Jewell has allowed her to build upon her passions and

skills, and challenged her to continue broadening her perspective.